Design Process


Site Inspection

Detailed measurement of the client’s property is taken and most importantly defect checking of the owner’s property is strictly taken into account before the commencement of the project.


Floor Layout Plan

Proposal of the layout plan which shows the space planning, position of furniture, cabinets, sanitary and alteration of the existing layout plan if there are any extension and demolition works required.


Concept & Idea

Carry out precedent and brainstorming of design ideas which include the style, materials, construction method and most importantly the client budget is taken into account.


3D Artist Impression

Production of 3D artist impressions which visualises and interpret the design idea in a form of an image with lighting effect which reflects the combination and material of the design.


Technical Drawings

Upon confirmation of 3D conceptual, full set of technical drawings will be produce for quotation and construction purposes. This combination of technical drawings and 3D images is a minimum requirement of tender documents.


Bill of Quantity

A detailed costing documents prepared by our QS (Quantity Surveyor).                                                                                  



Construction at site with an estimated project timeline and budget discussion will kick off using all the tender documents.



Accessory are added into the design which includes furniture, curtain, landscaping, outdoor garden, decorative items, lighting,painting and frames are added into the design when necessary.